Extra Credit- Class Evaluation

After all the work that I did this semester, I would say that I did enjoy this class. It gave me a chance to take a break from the stressful life that is upper division and major specific classes. It made go see the galleries, which I definitely didn’t even know existed. And more importantly, it allowed me to meet new people because of the classmate conversations. These were some of my favorite activities:

  1. Classmate Conversations- these were definitely my favorite. I loved getting to meet so many new people this semester, especially the ones that I probably never would have met if it wasn’t for this class.
  2. Plaster Casting- this activity was one of my favorites because I got to spend the morning at the beach with my friends. It was also the first one that we ever did and mine didn’t come out that bad.
  3. Art Care Package- I loved this one because it helped me reconnect with one of my best friends. Ever since I sent her the package, we have been so much closer and I even visited her in San Diego over Spring Break.

Of course with all the fun activities, some of them weren’t my favorite:

  1. Landscape with a Corpse- I didn’t really get what the assignment was asking me to do. I know that I was expected to be a bit more artistic, but it just wasn’t the most fun one to do.
  2. Architecture and Urban Planning- I have never had an interest in doing anything semi-related to structures, so this one just wasn’t my cup of tea.
  3. Automatic Drawing- this assignment was a little hard to complete because there really wasn’t any clear instructions. It just seemed pretty vague, so I was a little confused on what I was supposed to do.

In terms of Slack and WordPress, I really did enjoy creating my own blog and making it mine. I don’t think that I have an immediate desire to maintain my blog, but it was nice to do something other than the Beachboard quizzes or taking exams. Slack wasn’t exactly my favorite thing to do because, after a while, I felt like everyone, including myself, starting losing the motivation to watch the videos and make comments. The majority of the posts started to sound the same as we approached the end of the semester.

I really did enjoy my time in this class, and I will definitely recommend it to someone that is considering taking an art class at CSULB.


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