Week 13- Artist Conversation- Carmina Correa

Artist: Carmina Correa

Exhibition: C12H22O11

Media: Sugar, Molds

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Carmina Correa is a senior in the Sculpture program at the CSULB School of Art.

Carmina used sugar as the primary material for her work. Everything, except for the black mold on the floor, was made completely with sugar. In the center of each lollipops was a strip that she used to check her glucose levels because she has Type 2 diabetes. All of the lollipops were neatly laid out along the wall and in the center of the floor were two molds shaped like people in the fetal position.

Carmina¬†explained that she used this exhibition as art therapy. Since she can’t eat sugar because of her diabetes, she tried to use as much sugar as possible in order to condition herself to not eat it. She also used the sugar because it is such a cheap material to work with. The glucose strips that were in the lollipops were all used, so she told me that they all had some of her blood in the center of them. Carmina just wanted to express how despite the limitations she has to work around due to her diabetes, she doesn’t need it in her life to be happy.

I really enjoyed hearing about her story about her diabetes. Diabetes is something that affects some of my family members, so I have seen people struggle with it first-hand. Her story was inspiring and motivated me to not let some of out biggest burdens weigh us down in life.


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