Week 11- Classmate Conversation- Joesph McEntee and Roy Mandanas

This week I got to meet Joesph and get a chance to talk to Roy again. Roy is a first year freshman majoring in political science. Since we have already met before, we got to learn a lot more about our classmate Joesph. Joesph is a second year business major originally from San Jose. He is currently living here in Long Beach, where he works and goes to school. He talked about how he really enjoyed working on cars for fun and also going to visit some of his friends from back home that are also going to school in SoCal. We talked about our experiences working with food and how different our experiences were since I worked at Baskin Robbins and he worked at In-n-Out. Unfortunately, we were too distracted talking and making our ID cards that we forgot all about taking a picture for our blog. But it was still really nice getting the chance to talk with both of them.

Joesph’s link: https://josephmcentee.wordpress.com

Roy’s link: https://rmandanas.wordpress.com


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