Week 10- Art Activity- Architecture

Because I walk around the Wedge everyday, I always seem to forget that it even exists. But then I thought back to the times when I actually chose to walk through it, or at least attempt walking through it. It seems like every time I try to take the shortcut, I end up waiting until all twenty people going in the opposite direction have gone through before I can take one step. So, my solution to the problem is pretty simple: close the gap.

I understand that I am no architect and that my design probably isn’t practical, but I think closing the gap would be the easiest way to solve the traffic jam caused by the Wedge. This forces people to walk around the barrier, which is more open and able to accommodate the large amount of students at the school.

I brought the idea up to some of my classmates and each one seemed to be a little upset about the idea. The Wedge is one of those things that people don’t really notice until it is gone. I think that every student seems to love the idea of cutting off a few steps from their long walks each day, especially if they are coming from upper campus. But, once they recognize that the change will be more convenient for them in long run, they will forget all about it in a few years and accept the new changes.


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