Week 9- Artist Conversation- David DeSantis

Artist: David DeSantis

Exhibition: Day Dreamer

Media: Printing, Ink, Paper

Gallery: Merlino Gallery

Instagram: @rapturefineart

David DeSantis is an undergraduate student in the Printmaking program at the CSULB School of Art working towards his BFA. He started his career in art by wanting to work for a skateboard or snowboard company, but eventually started to create his own pieces when he decided that he didn’t want to work for a big corporate company.

David uses multiple variations of ink and paper to create his pieces. Although most of his pieces use basic colors, he talked about how he likes to use different variations of paints to add a variety of colors. The rough texture of the paintings made the picture feel as if it was jumping out of the canvas. For example, while looking at the samurai head, it felt as if the person in the mask was starring back at the viewer.

The name of the exhibition, Day Dreamer, was a representation of the process that he takes while creating his pieces. He tones out the rest of the world and starts making marks on the paper. He blares his music while sitting comfortably in front of the window and letting his subconscious take control. While his music is playing, he makes marks on the paper following the beat and rhythm of the music surrounding him. His work embodies the process that he uses to create his artwork.

Each piece gave me a feeling that made me lose focus on what was going on around me and gave me a feeling of endlessness while starring at them. With life being as chaotic as it is at the moment, it was nice to get a feeling of peacefulness from just looking at his art. While listening to David talk about his work, it was easy to tell that he was more interested in the process and enjoyed the idea that, for even just a few hours, he could forget about the world around them and just express himself freely.



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