Week 7- Classmate Conversation- Grace Cha, Jenn Drees, and Bailey McCann

This week I had the pleasure to talk to not only one classmate, but actually three different ones. It was the last few minutes at the art galleries, so we all decided to join one big group and have a group conversation instead.

The first girl I met was Grace, a first year speech major. She told us that she was originally from Irvine and is commuting back and forth from home to Long Beach. She talked about how she would love to be a speech therapist in the future, maybe even in a hospital setting. I also got to meet Jenn, a junior that is double majoring in psychology and human development. Like Grace, she commutes from her home back in Huntington, where she’s been working as a nanny for the past ten years. Last but definitely not least, I spoke to Bailey. I have known Bailey for about a year now and we have grown pretty close over the past year, so I didn’t really learn anything new about her, but its always nice to talk to her. Bailey is a second year marine biology major and is currently living here in Long Beach.

We all talked about our embarrassing days back in middle school, like how hanging out at the ‘cool spot’ which was usually just the mall. Even though we all have different backgrounds and majors, we got along really well and shared a lot more things in common than I was expecting. All of the girls were very nice and I hope to talk to them again during the rest of the semester.

Grace’s BlogJenn’s BlogBailey’s Blog



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