Week 6- Art Activity- Zine

Drawing really has never been one of my strong suits. So for this week’s activity, I struggled a lot with trying to get everything to look the way I wanted it to or at least semi-normal. This just inspired the title of my zine, “Things I’d rather be doing”.

As much as I love going to school and being productive throughout the day, sometimes I wish that I could just pause life for a second and take a break. Instead of writing essays and reading pages upon pages for all five of my courses, I wish that I could could cuddle up in bed, watch some Netflix, and eat some pizza.

My favorite aspect of each of the zines in the Zine Fest was that it allowed you to see a side of the artist that they don’t always show to other people. I was inspired to put that side of myself into my zine too. During the day, I am a motivated and hard-working student trying to balance work, school, and a social life all at once. But the side that is represented by my zine is my natural introvert self that enjoys the silence and space that is all mine. Even though my zine may not be the most detailed and may look like it was done by a 5-year old, it really is an accurate representation of myself and all of my favorite things.


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