Week 5- Artist Conversation- Yeri Hwang

Artist: Yeri Hwang

Exhibition: Within Us

Media: Kinetic Sculpture

Gallery: Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: @yeriyeti

Yeri Hwang is an undergraduate student in the Studio Art program at CSULB’s School of Art. She is currently working towards her Bachelor’s of Art, learning new things in her classes that help her to create her artwork. Her exhibition allowed for all members of the audience to reflect on themselves and the life they were leading.

Yeri uses a variety of different materials for each one of her pieces, like acrylic, plaster, and dry wall. One common material that was used was light. The first piece used light in order to show the beginning of life, while the sword was lit up when you placed your hand on it. Each piece has a beautiful simplicity to them, using very quiet colors, and the entire gallery was very dimly lit to have a space that allowed people to calmly reflect on the art, as well as themselves.

When walking through the gallery, each piece seems to flow from one to the next. While looking at all the pieces, it gives you a sense of going through the journey of life, which she was inspired by from mythology. The exhibition starts with a piece that describes the beginning of life and then leads to the last piece that emphasizes the importance of embracing our flaws. One of the best aspects about her art was that it was very interactive. She allowed her audience to be apart of her art, helping them to understand what she was trying to say to them. For example, the alter at the end, allowed people to write the one thing they would forgive about themselves. People then had to reflect about their biggest flaws, making them realize that we all must learn to accept our insecurities before it gets the best of us.

My favorite piece was the house hidden by the curtains in the corner of the gallery. The house was meant to represent the one thing that brings us a sense of belonging. She said that it is our responsibility to decide what that ‘house’ is to us individually. This really resonated with me because it took me a long time to find my place here at CSULB. In the beginning, I didn’t know if I was in the right major or who my real friends were. As time went on, I realized that I needed a new major, which ultimately meant a whole new career path, and that I was finally surrounded by a group of people that I could really be myself around. The ‘house’ to me is now the Psychology department and the amazing group of friends that I surround myself with everyday.


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