Week 5- Art Activity- Automatic Drawing

When I was reading about this week’s art activity, I was kind of confused and wasn’t as excited as I was about some of the other art activities we had done. But, once my friend and I started I actually had a lot of fun making our drawing.

My partner for this week was one of my closest friends here in Long Beach, Sabrina. I was nervous she wasn’t going to want to help me, but she was so excited that we decided to make a whole night out of the art project. That afternoon we went to Costco and got a bunch of snacks and finally started the assignment at around 7. We sat there, a little awkwardly, waiting for the crayon to move itself, and then eventually we started to have fun with it. We switched out the colors a few times, then we finally saw the final project, which turned out to be one big, colorful scribble.

Honestly, we had a hard time trying not to laugh and make one big joke out of the whole thing. One of the best aspects of our friendship is how different we are to each other, so it was interesting trying to control the crayon between the two of us. We would sometimes fight against which direction was the best, but eventually it started to flow easily onto the paper. Although the end product might not be the best, we really did have a fun time making it and enjoyed the rest of the night after we were finished.



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