Week 4- Art Activity- Reconnecting with an Old Friend

When I was first thinking about this week’s activity, I decided I wanted to send it to someone that meant a lot to me but have lost contact with. Then I remembered the one person that saw me during some of the hardest times of my life, my best friend from high school, Stephanie. Stephanie and I met back in kindergarten, but it wasn’t until 8th grade that we solidified our friendship. We spent almost everyday together and, even though we talk from time to time, since we left for college, we have just gone in different directions in our lives. So, I sent her my art care package in hopes that we would reconnect and reminisce on all the good times we spent together.

In the box, I sent her things that represented all of the years that we got to spend together. Each memento embodied an aspect of our friendship that I deemed as the most important. These were the items that I put in the box, as well as what they symbolized:

  • A mustang: Stephanie and I became best friends in middle school, and our mascot was a mustang. The figurine represents where our long and complicated history all started.
  • Our messages: We used to text each other everyday, and so I took screenshots of messages that were from over two years ago. Because of how often we texted each other, these conversations get lost, so I wanted to bring back the ones that I thought best summarized the important times we spent together.
  • A Disney figurine: Every year for orchestra, we went on a Disneyland trip, where we shared some of our best memories together. So, I included something that symbolized our favorite memories.
  • Socks: The socks have guitars on them, but for this project I’m going to pretend they are violins. Orchestra was the main reason we became friends, so I knew that I had to have something musical in the box.
  • An ‘E’: Her real name is Estefania, so the ‘E’ has a bunch of characteristics that I think best embody her.
  • A photograph: The picture is from a trip to SeaWorld that I think best represents our friendship. I’m crazily raising my hands, while she is calm. Stephanie was always the friend that brought me back down to earth after my heads were always in the clouds.

This was definitely one of my favorite projects so far. Stephanie and I haven’t talked in almost a year, so it was nice to catch up with someone that meant so much to me before. This project gave me an opportunity to do something more personal than just send her a Snapchat or text message. It showed her that I missed her and that I can never forget the times that we shared together.



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