Week 2- Art Activity: Landscape with a Corpse

For this week’s art activity, I can honestly say that I was reluctant to think of my inevitable death. When I first heard about this project, I tried my best to see the light in it, but ultimately death isn’t something I like to think about on a daily basis. But, I sat down with my cousins to brainstorm and find a creative way to get the best shot.

In the end, I chose to depict a drunk driving scene for my landscape with a corse. The pictures show me lifeless in the front seat of my car with a bottle of alcohol laying on the dashboard. In this moment, I thought back to my high school’s presentation of ‘Every 15 Seconds’ and how much of an impact it had on my life. Since that day I remain adamant about never drinking and driving because of all the damage it can cause to yourself and others on the road.

I used this project as a kind of public safety announcement on something that happens so often but can be easily prevented. This image depicts something I feel really passionate about, and hopefully, one day everyone else will be mindful of the dangerous consequences of drinking and driving, so that everyone will remain safe on the road.

Special thanks to my cousins that helped me with this project.


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