What exactly is art? (Extra Credit)

On Sunday evening, I went with some friends to visit the art show at Cerritos College. Walking in, I was expecting to see the stereotypical kind of art show, but I was surprised to find that I was entirely wrong. Instead of the typical paintings and sculptures in an art museum, we were presented with different art forms, each with their own eccentric and unique characteristics. We walked though each of the rooms and was constantly amazed, and confused, by the art in front of us.

One thing that caught my attention was all the different perspectives that were displayed. No one piece was even remotely similar to the one that came before it. It was easy to see that the individual artist stayed true to themselves, regardless of what they thought the audience wanted to see. This was one of the most amazing things about this art show. Honestly, I can say that I had no idea what they were trying to convey. Each piece represented something different and special to the artist that even though I couldn’t see it, doesn’t mean that it was there. This made me think just what exactly is art?

For example, the picture on the left was full of color and life, the complete opposite of the sculpture of ice on the right. Both of these pieces of art were displayed, each with their own meaning, and although I couldn’t exactly see what they meant, you could tell that the artist expressed themselves freely without any boundaries.

My favorite part of the art show was that some of the things were interactive. The most fun was being able to paint on one of the walls outside. It was amazing to see everyone contribute to the wall in some different kind of way,  whether it was a little heart like mine or a saying that meant something to them. This was just a great way to get remember and appreciate the building before it gets torn down.

Overall, the art show was an experience that I am really happy to have seen. To be honest, I didn’t fully comprehend some of the arts meaning, but that is the whole point of art. It isn’t supposed to be what you want to see, but what the artist wants to say. Artists express themselves in so many unique and different ways that it is hard to give art a concrete definition. There is no right or wrong answer when creating art. It is sad to see these buildings get destroyed, but it will be interesting to see what other pieces of arts are created in the new building.

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