Wk. 1- Classmate Conversation: Downey Lee

Usually the first day in a new class can be pretty nerve-racking. But my first day in Art 110 showed me that I shouldn’t be afraid of meeting new people, instead I should embrace it and break out of my shell. So, here it goes.

After walking around the room for a little not knowing who to talk to, I noticed a girl doing the same thing. We introduced ourselves and that’s when I met Downey. We talked for the rest of the class, and I really got to know her.

Downey is a fourth year planning to graduate at the end of the semester. Coincidentally enough, she was also a psychology major, so she gave me advice on classes that I planned on taking in the upcoming semesters. She told me about some of the best and worst professors in the psychology department, and we actually realized that she had a professor that I was currently taking a class with.

We also talked about where we were originally from. I was surprised that she has actually heard of Temecula, where I’m originally from. She told me that she was from Seoul in Korea, but lives in LA right now, where she works at hair salon. After she graduates in the spring, she plans on going back to Korea some time. We then talked about how my sister is teaching English in Korea right now, not too far from where she is from. Downey was just a great person to talk to, and it really was nice to meet someone new with so many similarities.

Meeting Downy showed me really how small the world is. We had a lot of things in common, and it assured me thatĀ meeting new people might actually not be that bad. I’m happy to have met Downey on Wednesday, and I’m excited to meet new people throughout this semester.

img_4611Downey’s blog: https://downieeblog.wordpress.com


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